The Best Option For Sensitive Blasting Areas

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Rock Poppers Mini Blast uses a non-detonating blast to break rock and concrete. This is a safe alternative to ordinary high explosives. Our system does not produce destructive shockwaves like other explosives decreasing noise, fly rock and vibrations. Our approach is safer to use in and around structures and is environmentally friendly, even underwater! We can work in commercial or residential rock breaking and concrete demolition.

Boulder Breaking

Is that pesky boulder in the way?
Drill, Pop, Gone!

Boulder Rock Blasting

Bedrock Removal

Is that outcropping in the way of your new pool?
Drill, Pop, Gone!


Concrete Demolition

Is the concrete too thick or full of reinforcing steel?
Drill, Pop, Gone!

Concrete Demo


The Best Option For Sensitive Blasting Areas

How does it work?

Environmentally friendly with no significant hazard in its packaged state makes Rock Poppers Mini Blast the best option for sensitive blasting areas. We only require localized clearance of the area as opposed to complete site evacuation. This means we can drill, stem and blast and have the site back to work in no time.

Why us?

Our unique system provides the most sensitive rock removal in the world. With no environmental or structural impacts, we can blast almost anywhere!


Don’t wait for expanding chemicals, perfect weather or vibration testing.

Cost Effective

This streamlined approach makes it quicker, and easier to get the job done

Environmentally Friendly

The process leaves nothing behind for nature to clean up.


A variety of chargers and drill options gives us superior accuracy


We can work close to sensitive areas and structures with minimal impact.