Concrete Demolition

Concrete Demolition

Bedrock Blasting

Concrete is the single most widely used material in the world, with 4.5 billion tons annually. Concrete is especially used in the construction/infrastructure world for its durability and strength. Concrete’s compressive strength can dwarf natural materials, even rock. The only real weakness of concrete is the lack of tensile strength. Engineers augment this weakness with reinforcing steel and loads of it!

The intent when using concrete in construction is for permanence. It is not easy to demolish. Given the spiderweb of reinforcing steel and the hardness of the concrete, it is nearly impossible to remove! As of late, concrete is a major source of recyclable construction aggregate. The caveat; how do you separate the reinforcing steel from the concrete?

Your safety is our top priority!

Environmentally friendly with no significant hazard in its packaged state makes Rock Poppers Mini Blast the best option for sensitive blasting areas. We only require localized clearance of the area as opposed to complete site evacuation. This means we can drill, stem and blast and have the site back to work in no time.

Virtually no over blast

The unique blast does not create overpressure or shockwaves making it safe for animals and structures with glass

Minimal Noise

Since the charges are smaller, more efficient and drilled deep into the rock the accompanying sound is dampened to that of a starting pistol!

No noxious gases

There are no dangerous fumes released from detonation, but it could still be dusty!

Minimal vibrations

The slower deflagration process minimizes vibration in surrounding rock keeping nearby structures and sensitive areas safe

Minimizes fly rock to less than 30ft

Our process gives us more control over the blast and with a slower deflagration, fly rock can be controlled to less than 30 feet!

Here’s how concrete demolition works:

Our concrete demolition solution is not unique, we blast it! What is unique is the sensitive nature of our procedures allowing us to blast in sensitive areas, even underwater. By exploiting the lack of tensile strength of the concrete and the conductivity of the reinforcing steel, we can send a shockwave that reverberates down the steel separating the brittle concrete from the pliable steel. Our system is SAFER, CLEANER and enhances the recyclability of concrete!

Step 1

Drill hole
Specific pattern, location and bore for each situation

Step 2

Insert Cartridge
Specified load for burden.

Step 3

Pack the hole with aggregate.

Step 4

Clear the area!

Step 5

Deploy Blast
Fire in the hole!