Bedrock Blasting

Bedrock rock blasting

Bedrock Blasting

Did you know that the Canadian Shield is the oldest rock on the planet…. something like 4.5 billion years old! Well, over its lifetime the Shield has seen many ice ages. Once a mountainous area, the process of glaciation flattened the igneous landscape and sacrificed the earth, taking the soil with it in retreat. What is now left is a landscape with little soil coverage dominated by a rock outcropping, giving some of the most unique and breathtaking vistas.

Bedrock is hard to work with as it is not easily altered by conventional excavation means. Historically, high explosives are used to remove it. High explosives are the most economical way to move massive amounts of rock but pose huge environmental and safety concerns surrounding vibration, shockwave, fly rock, and even pollution. The problem is you virtually can’t use high explosives in sensitive areas.

Your safety is our top priority!

Environmentally friendly with no significant hazard in its packaged state makes Rock Poppers Mini Blast the best option for sensitive blasting areas. We only require localized clearance of the area as opposed to complete site evacuation. This means we can drill, stem and blast and have the site back to work in no time.

Virtually no over blast

The unique blast does not create overpressure or shockwaves making it safe for animals and structures with glass

Minimal Noise

Since the charges are smaller, more efficient and drilled deep into the rock the accompanying sound is dampened to that of a starting pistol!

No noxious gases

There are no dangerous fumes released from detonation, but it could still be dusty!

Minimal vibrations

The slower deflagration process minimizes vibration in surrounding rock keeping nearby structures and sensitive areas safe

Minimizes fly rock to less than 30ft

Our process gives us more control over the blast and with a slower deflagration, fly rock can be controlled to less than 30 feet!

Here’s how bedrock breaking works:

Our solution is safer, cleaner, and more controlled allowing a level of precision not achievable with high explosives. We can blast sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic rock… the harder the rock the better they pop! Whether it is bedrock in your basement or an outcropping in the yard, we can get rid of it safely with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. Our system is SAFER, FASTER, and works IMMEDIATELY!

Step 1

Drill hole
Specific pattern, location and bore for each situation

Step 2

Insert Cartridge
Specified load for burden.

Step 3

Pack the hole with aggregate.

Step 4

Clear the area!

Step 5

Deploy Blast
Fire in the hole!